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Why is Attic Ventilation Important?

Why is Attic Ventilation Important?

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Why attic ventilation is critical year round

You may think that ventilating your attic in the winter sounds backward, but the proper airflow pattern is critical to maintain throughout the year. In the summer, airflow in your attic prevents the superheated air from leaking heat into the cool rooms of your home. It also extends the life of your roof tiles and prevents warping of the wood in your attic. But in the winter, the ventilation of your attic is just as important. When properly done, ventilation in your attic will prevent problems and save you money all year round.

Eliminate Moisture Buildup

The major effect of not having proper ventilation of your attic in the winter is a build up of moisture. Your attic space will be colder than the rest of your home, and heat along with moisture from showers, clothes dryers, and cooking will travel into your attic space. This leads to a wet environment perfect for mold growth. In order to stop this build up of humid air, you need to have proper ventilation in your attic.

Prevent Ice Dams

When a snow or ice storm hits the area, the risk for ice dams increase. Ice dams are formed when the heat of your attic and the warmth of the sun melt snow which collects as icicles on the side of your roof. Ice dams cause major damage to your roof as the collecting water and ice get underneath roofing material. Repairing ice dam damage can cost thousands of dollars and impacts the lifespan of your entire roof. With proper ventilation, the warm air will escape the attic and prevent the formation of ice dams in the first place.

Stop Your Heating Bills from Rising

When not properly ventilated, attic spaces hang onto heat all year round. Not only does this cause the moisture buildup mentioned above, but it also creates an increase in your heating bills. Heat rises in your home into the cold attic space, making the other rooms below feel colder. This creates a vicious cycle of turning the temperature up and allowing more moisture and heat to collect in the attic. Proper ventilation will stop the heat from staying trapped in your attic and lower your heating bills.

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By Dan Burrows

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