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As the summer temperatures continue to rise, you may find yourself needing to stay indoors more often to keep cool. You may enjoy cranking the air conditioning now, but it can cause your electric bill to skyrocket. If you’re trying to stay cool without breaking the bank this summer, here are a few ways to […]

By Dan Burrows

If the snow is finally melting, then spring is almost here, and it’s time for some much-needed plumbing maintenance. All the accumulated ice and snow not only wears down your home but potentially buries damages that won’t see the light of day until its above freezing. Your plumbing is no exception, and with the incoming […]

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Common Electrical Issues

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Common Electrical Issues Winter is here, and you’re probably using more electricity much more than usual. With all the lights, appliances, and the furnace constantly running, there’s a good chance you’ll run into electrical issues. Whether it’s bad wiring, a damaged appliance, or a power surge, electrical problems can happen at any time. The good […]

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