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FINTASTIC! Easy DIY Project For Making a Desk A/C Unit For Your Workplace!

FINTASTIC! Easy DIY Project For Making a Desk A/C Unit For Your Workplace!

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While Shark Week may be scary, the thought of your workplace without A/C this summer is even scarier. If the thought of answering phone calls and emails while sweating cues the Jaws Theme song to play in your head than Blue Star Heating and Cooling in Watauga, Texas has a fintastic DIY tip to help you out!

How To Make a Temporary  A/C Unit For Your Desk

**Please note that this is only a temporary solution and that investing in an A/C Tune-Up or Replacement is the only way to get the real Air Conditioning effect!**

Ingredients Needed:

  • An Old Fan (Table Or Full Sized)
  • 2 Plastic Bottles (If using an old soda bottle be sure to rinse it out thoroughly beforehand!)
  • String/wire
  • Ice Cubes

Get Your Cool On!

Step 1: Using a knife or a pair of scissors, cut the bottom off both bottles (this will essentially become lid for the ice)

Step 2: Poke about 6 small holes in a vertical line and continue to do that around the bottle

Step 3: Attach the bottle behind the fan using the string or wire (be sure to unplug the fan before doing this)

Step 4: Place handful of ice cubes inside the bottle (do not fill above the level where the holes were made

Step 5: Plug back in the fan and turn it on

Step 6: Double check that there is no water leaking

Step 7: Enjoy The Cool Air

**It might be useful to keep the dry ingredients in an airtight container like a mason jar ready to use whenever you have another clog!**

If you’re more a visual learner, check out this handy 30 second tutorial we found!

By Dan Burrows

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