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Signs Your AC May Be Harming Your Air Quality

Signs Your AC May Be Harming Your Air Quality

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Summer isn’t over yet – there’s plenty of hot weather left to come! Until it cools down outside, it’s likely that you will be spending a significant amount of time indoors taking advantage of your air conditioning. Is your AC in good shape to keep you cool for the rest of the season? An old, damaged, or inefficient cooling system can harm the air quality in your home. While you’re spending time indoors, you want to be sure that you’re breathing the best air possible! Here are some common AC issues that can negatively impact your air quality:

AC Problems That Can Harm Air Quality

  • Dirty Filter. The air filter is responsible for removing toxins and impurities that would otherwise be released into your air supply. As air flows through your central air system, or through the AC itself, it’s possible for debris to flow in. Your air filter needs to be changed often – every few months is ideal. This can also vary during periods of heavy or extended use – like during the summer heat! Keep an eye on your filter and make sure that it gets replaced before it gets dirty or clogged.
  • Excess Water. If your AC is dripping any fluid or it appears to be sweating more than usual, it’s possibly that it’s negatively effecting your air quality. Excess moisture, or any water that’s left to pool, can quickly result in mold or mildew. Spores can grown and spread at a rapid rate and blow throughout your home via your AC or vent system.
  • Duct Problems. If your duct system is damaged in any way, debris can build up inside. Because your ducts are responsible for delivering air throughout your home, any buildup can be released into your air supply.
  • Strange Sounds or Smells. These are signs that your system may be broken or running inefficiently. In an effort to prevent the problem from worsening, you should have a professional fix the problem.
  • Age. Any system that is old, outdated, or running inefficiently has the potential to damage the air quality in your home. If your air conditioning system is out of date, you should consider a replacement. Newer technologies are more efficient and will help to keep the air in your home safe and breathable for years to come.

Warning Signs

It may be hard to notice at first if your AC is harming your air quality. Watch out for any allergies or asthma that may be triggered, or other breathing related illnesses that pop up. If you suspect that your cooling system may be affecting you, it’s important that you call a professional as soon as possible. The air you breathe should be as clean as possible, but an old or broken AC may prevent that. At the first sign of an issue, call Blue Star AC.

Benefits of Blue Star Maintenance

In order to keep your cooling system working safely and efficiently for as long as possible, routine maintenance is necessary.  Not only will it save you from expensive repairs down the line, it will help to protect against lessened air quality. As a family-owned and operated business, we place a lot of focus on value. Our clients receive quality services at affordable rates from friendly and knowledgeable technicians. When you choose Blue Star for your AC tune-ups and repairs, you get:

  • 110% Money Back Guarantee
  • Fast & Reliable Response Times
  • Affordable Financing Options
  • Free Estimates

For all of your AC needs, Blue Star has you covered. Call us today to schedule your AC service! 

By Dan Burrows

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